Vision & Mission


  • To provide opportunities to young students to shape them as innovative and farsighted teachers who can meet the requirements of global competitive world and contribute to academic excellence.
  • To impart value – based curriculum good academic environment for strengthening faith in humanistic, social and moral values as well as in Indian Cultural heritage and democracy.
  • To create facilities for impairing quality education and grow into a centre of excellence in the field of teacher education.
  • To develop necessary competences in a teacher to have a desire for life-long learning and for reaching the unreached and explore the unexplored.


  • Imparting and creating new knowledge.
  • Building core teaching competences in prospective teachers.
  • Developing skills for information processing and life long learning.
  • Undertaking action research and applied research at grassroots level.
  • Keeping pace with information and communication technology.
  • Cultivating human and spiritual values.